5 Things To Avoid In A Relationship

5 Things To Avoid In A Relationship

Every new relationship seems exhilarating. It makes people let go of the past and move on with their lives and going back into dating after an earlier failed relationship. Periodically, the most optimistic new relationship can go bad in an unusual way which may keep you wondering what really transpired.

5 Things To Avoid In A Relationship

New relationships are usually dangerous than you think but when you act right in an established relationship, you both know each other well, you find the other’s flaws and love them the way there are.

In every new relationship, everything might seem great. You and your partner might not know each other well enough; this may cause a few trust issues and a slight mistake can lead to a serious altercation

If you are in a relationship and you want to know the 5 things to avoid in a relationship, you are on a right track.

We’ve brought to you the best 5 Things to avoid in a relationship:

Sharing Too Much Too Quickly

You just met each other newly, and you are sharing everything with your partner while you guys are getting to know each other better is a wrong way to start a relationship. This is a great aspect in a new relationship but if you are fond of sharing too much too quickly, you might get your partner irate. It good you keep your partner in the dark, more like make him inquisitive and optimistic about you.

The best way to fix this issue is when you save the disclosures about your confidentiality until the relationship gets more established. If you share your darkest secrets excessively, try to let your partner know that you share a lot intentionally.

Being Too Attainable

When things are going well in a relationship, it’s normal to want to have the feeling of spending so much time together, but one thing you need to know is that being too attainable in a relationship will make you desperate. Getting your relationship involved in so many activities might just scare your partner.

The best way to fix this is to avoid suggesting continuous dates. Remain casual over it and recommend seeing each other the following week, or ask your partner the best time to hang out again.

Continuous Social Media Posts

Social media has become a complete distraction to human lives these days.  Most people are fond of posting everything about their new relationship on their social media pages. If you want to maintain a relationship, try to stay strong and avoid such temptation.  Excessive social media posting can affect a new relationship.

The best way to fix this is to: keep your relationship off social media till it becomes super established. Adding each other on social media and commenting on each other’s pictures isn’t a bad idea, but it’s important to keep everything casual.

Feeling Insecure

It’s normal to feel insecure in some aspects, but been insecure is one of the fastest way to destroy a new relationship. If you’ve just gotten into a relationship with someone, don’t expect exclusivity so quickly and don’t claim a right though, that’s like having an insight to what they are doing. Every relationship has to do with understanding and you shouldn’t expect commitment at the early stages but build it.

The best way to fix it is been careful of your insecurities and don’t let it become a circumstance in your relationship. Accept who you are.

Living In The Past

Allowing your past life to encircle your new relationship is a mistake that can rapidly ruin your relationship. If your previous partner cheated on you, hurt you in some ways, there is a possibility to feel nervous that the same might occur in your current relationship. Nursing such thoughts in your new relationship is a mobile catastrophe waiting to happen.

To fix this, first, you need to let go of the past and focus on your present relationship hoping for the best out of it and secondly, you need to discuss your past with your present partner so as not to repeat past occurrence.

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