9 Ways To Promote Your Music Independently In 2022

If you are willing to make it big in the industry as an artist; you may not have the exact financial resources to build your fan base compared to a chart-topping artist. Nevertheless, the recent digital terrain has made it easier than ever for every artist to get their songs played by different people. If you are on the lookout for the 9 Ways To Promote Your Music Independently In 2022; here is a guide below.

9 Ways To Promote Your Music Independently In 2022

9 Ways To Promote Your Music Independently In 2022

  1. Digital marketing

Every artist must develop an online presence on every social media platform to reach out to their target audience. You can create some skits on different short-form music apps. It will be valuable for the songs.

  1. Develop an EPK (electronic press kit)

An EPK (electronic press kit) is a digital outline that includes promotional materials that can be used in sending music to music influencers. It provide agents or producers, record labels, venue bookers, and also let the media know much about your career as an artist. The EPK may have photos, artist bios, press releases, videos, contact details, and forthcoming gigs.

  1. Build a website

Building a website as an artist gives every music lover a place to find your catalog. Make sure you add your dates, a bio, a merch shop, an email list, a discography, links to social pages, and the latest release. You also need to add links to your EPK and links to where your songs can be played.

  1. Host every song on top streaming platforms

All you need is to Sign up for an account on any streaming platform and you upload your tracks to enable your fans listen to your songs. Your song’s popularity can be tracked on the outlets.

  1. Use email marketing edge effectively

An email list is an important music promotion instrument that enables you to market new songs you produce. It encompasses an effortless visible sign-up aspect on the website to extend your marketing list. You will need a hand out flyers to display in-person sign-up sheets. Give your subscribers wonderful perks like merch discount codes or pre-sale access to performances to incentivize sign-ups. Once you create a solid roster of subscribers, you need an email marketing tool to promote the new releases and disclose your dates, and also give an overall update on your song.

  1. Connect with music bloggers

    You need to get covered on several influential music blogs to begin your music journey and also build your fan base. You’ll frequently find supplementary achievement with niche blogs that are tailored to your genre. If you want to write a message to music bloggers, give them a brief description of your tone, and EPK, and also include links to your victorious tracks.

  2. Contact playlist and curators

You need a User-maintained public playlist on streaming services that will give your job a lot of exposure. Just a single track song on these lists can incentivize extraordinary listeners to review the rest of your music catalog. To improve your likelihood of success, you need to reach out to playlists that are suitable to your music type.

  1. Reach out to your fans via live performances

When you are just starting, you may be invited to perform in small venues like bars and provincial coffee shops. Once your fan base thrives, you can use your email list and social media channels to discern which cities to tour.

  1. Shoot a video

Sending out an intriguing music video is the best way to promote your song. Try to be creative with your video idea and make it shareable, like theming it within a current viral meme trend in a single detailed take. If you are restricted; try shooting a live performance and edit the video effectively. Upload them on your website and also share a few clips on your social channels, and you host them on the website

If you follow these 9 Ways To Promote Your Music Independently In 2022, you will be on the limelight as a music artist or an upcoming artist. Read also on nairaland.

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