Adsense Requirements For WordPress

adsense requirements for wordpress

adsense requirements for wordpress

The AdSense requirements for WordPress hosted blogs are somewhat not elaborate but setting up the right structures as stated in google AdSense policy will definitely give you an edge in been accepted into google adsense publishers program. Before we proceed further to know the AdSense requirements for wordpress, let us know what google adsense is.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a publishers reward scheme set up by google to reward blog or website owners for displaying adverts from companies or individuals to the publisher’s audience.

Google Adsense is another way of making money online as you get to make money by monetizing your blog traffic. Publishers especially content writers serve text, images, video adverts that are targeted to the blog’s content and audience. Read also in Wiki

Adsense Requirements For WordPress

  • Ensure you have up to 30 posts on your WordPress hosted blog.
  • Write original and plagiarism free content.
  • Add “Privacy Policy” page.
  • Add ” Contact Us” page.
  • Add “About Us” page
  • Add “Terms & Conditions” page.
  • Write Educative contents that solves a problem.
  • Words count for every post should not be less than 600 words.
  • Install SEO responsive theme like “Smart Mag Premium Theme”. You can contact me to get the theme.

After putting all these prerequisites in place:

  • Proceed to install ” Google Site Kit” plugin. This plugin automatically connects your site to google adsense and place ads code on your site. If you’re accepted into the publisher’s network, auto ads will be displayed on your site.
  • Optimize your posts to get organic traffic before applying for google adsense publishers network.

Adsense Requirements For Blogger

If you are using blogger as your content management system, the adsense requirements are not really different from what I have stated above or in my previous post Click Here To Read.

The only difference is that, blogger already has an inbuilt AdSense account that just requires you to connect your domain with it, unlike WordPress hosted blogs that requires the installation of site kit plugin.

All the other adsense requirements for WordPress are the same AdSense requirements for blogger. Read about adsense requirements for wordpress onĀ

How do I qualify for Adsense on WordPress?

Write unique, original, educative contents.
Publish more than 20 articles with not less than 600 words.
Avoid bot traffics.
Optimize your post to get organic traffic.

What is the minimum requirement for Adsense?

Ensure you have more than 20-30 articles published and provide enough value to your audience and ensure you add a “contact us, about us, privacy policy” page to your page section.

Can Adsense be used on WordPress?

Adsense can be used on wordpress by installing and activating site kit plugin that automatically connects your site to adsense and places ad code on your site and when your blog is approved, ads are automatically displayed.

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