Causes of Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Causes of Halitosis

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. It’s commonly referred to as “foul breath.” 5 causes of halitosis have been discussed below and number 1 is borne out of personal experience.

  • 1. Changing Toothpaste

    Most of the times, one of the causes of halitosis can be attributed to using different toothpastes. This is from a personal observation as I discovered that the toothpaste I was exposed to why growing up had better effect on my mouth breath than the ones that I changed to as a teen and youth. The ones I changed too gave me sour mouth and bad breath. This might be the opposite for someone else but to solve my little bad breath issue, I had to fall back to what I used as a growing child and it did work perfectly well and a peanut size of the paste was enough. It is better you carefully sort out the toothpaste that suites your mouth than changing toothpaste like undies.

    2. Infection in the mouth is present
    For those who have had oral surgery (tooth/teeth removal), this is likely to be one of the causes of mouth odour. During the procedure, something unexpected can happen, resulting in a wound in the mouth. If a wound is not recognized and treated quickly, it can cause mouth smell.
    3. Having poor dental hygiene or none at all
    Bad breath can also be caused by not brushing your teeth at the appropriate times. Inadequate dental hygiene can lead to the production of plague, which can then harm the gums around the teeth. Furthermore, an unbrushed tongue might contribute to poor breath.

  • 4. Tobacco product smoking
    Smokers and people who use tobacco products orally are more likely to develop gum disease, which can eventually lead to a bad breath problem.
    5. The type of food that people consume
    The fundamental task of eating was to break down food around the gums and teeth. Some food particles may become stuck in the teeth as a result of this process, resulting in the growth of germs and, as a result, bad breath. Once the food particles have been broken down and have made their way to the stomach, they will eventually settle in the lungs, causing bad breath.

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