Causes Of Sagging Breasts And Tips To Prevent It.

The breasts are made solely of fats and ligaments (Cooper’s Ligament) that acts as support for the breasts as there contain no muscle cells. Sagging breasts are known medically by the term “breasts ptosis”. This article will concisely outline some causes of sagging breasts and the tips to prevent it.

causes of sagging breasts

Different causes of breast sagging

One of the major causes of sagging breasts is Old Age. As the body ages, the cooper’s ligaments stretch over time and loose their elasticity and this in turn causes sagging breasts.

Another causes of sagging breasts is breast mass. Women with large breasts mass are prone to have sagging breasts due to gravity effect. Women with large breasts may likely have Inverted Nipples. This is due to the the effect of shortened milk ducts and ligaments on trying to support the large breast mass resulting in pushing in the nipples. This does not affect breast feeding in severe and its not a congenital anomaly as some are done that way but if found later in life, can be attributed to cancer; it can be corrected by surgery if the woman wants of which is not mandatory except in severe cases. Read More

Another causes of sagging breasts is collagen deficiency or reduction in its production. Collagen helps to give our skin firmness, suppleness and stretch. As a woman ages, collagen production is reduced due to decrease in hormone production (estrogen) and this will likely cause sagging breasts.

Helpful Tips

  • Working Out: underlying muscles of the breasts (pectoralis major) can be focused on during workouts and this can help to increase breasts firmness.
  • Wearing good supportive bra for woman with large breast mass can reduce the effect of gravity.
  • Eating food reach in collagen can help improve breast firmness. These includes: citrus, chicken, fish, egg, mango, guava, pineapple, garlic, vegetables, beans, cashew nuts…Read More

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Note: Breastfeeding is not a cause of sagging breasts.

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