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How To Be Successful In High School

Been successful in high school goes beyond getting admitted into high school and your background has nothing to do with been successful in high school. Getting admitted is one of the steps of how to be successful in high school.

In this article, I will share with you 5 tips of how to be successful in high school and how to set yourself up for success and to eventually get into top colleges.

1. Getting Involved

So first thing on how to be successful in high school is getting involved. This has to do with some kind of extracurricular activity that you’re very passionate about and finding a way to not only be the best at it but get to a top ranking position. For instance, if you want to be a president or a vice president of a social cheer club, do whatever it takes to get to that position. This obviously is going to require a lot of work but at the end of the day it’s going to pay off.

2. Developing Good Habits

Another tip on how to be successful in high school is to invest your time in developing or making good habits. This could be study habits or habits for your personal health and well-being.

Study habits will help you find ways to efficiently use your time and this in turn will make you more successful because you have a regular routine of probably doing homework everyday before settling for movies or surfing your favorite social media handles. Your personal health habits will aid you to get rid of all junk foods and eat well as your health is necessary to been successful in high school as well.
Whatever it is just make sure you have a consistent habit, a schedule and a routine.

3. Time Management

The third tip on how to be successful in high school is time management. Time management is important in high school especially for the fact that you have lots of different commitments to meet up with. Honestly if you learn how to prioritize and maximize what’s most important then you can be so much more efficient.

For instance, if you have few minutes in between a class or during your lunch periods, you can use that time efficiently by getting a few pages of homework done or reading a page or two. This will lessen the time you will spend at home reading or doing your home work because you’ve already done half that work throughout the school day or whenever you have any free time.

Time management is also highly important because, when you get to college you have way more extracurricular going on than in high school and there will be no one to keep you accountable for what you’re doing with your time. Time management leads to work ethic and for me work ethic is super important.

4. Your Friends And Association

The friends and the people you hang out with or surround yourself with are probably the most important aspects. As important as academics and extracurricular are, these aren’t the things that shape you to be the person you want to become but your friends and how they help you grow.

Go for friends that will encourage, motivate, help in your times of lows and downs. Your friends should be people that are better than you academic wise and they should be able to push you to your best.

5. Opportunities

Always go for opportunities outside the walls of high school. This could be a scholarship opportunity or a work a competition, a community service or anything but try as much as possible not to confine yourself to your status quo or be a member of the band wagon.

Don’t follow the crowd of students who wants to just enjoy the moment and not go for rare opportunities because they feel its not the right time. Every opportunity prepares you for your college year so its advisable you scout for opportunities and get yourself enrolled.

So, these are my 5 tips on how to be successful in high school as a freshman or an old student.

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