How To Get Google Adsense Approval In 1 Minute

How To Get Google Adsense Approval

Google Adsense is a program set by google to help advertisers get their paid adverts to larger audience with the aid of web publishers that have blogs and at the end, the web publishers are rewarded when visitors click on those adverts. In this article, I will list out the tips on how to get google adsense approval so that you will you be a google adsense publisher.

how to get google AdSense approval

Google adsense has been in existence and people or publishers have earned a living from serving google ads on their websites or blogs. Getting accepted into google ads program is getting difficult by the day as google keep updating their policies and a violation of these policies will lead to not been accepted to serve ads on the site.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval In 1 Minute

You might have read through articles or watched videos that claim they got approved to serve google ads on their site without any post or just a post; trust me its all lies. Google will never do that as people and companies paid for this adverts, so serving them on a site without contents will hurt their client except the site is for for educative purpose.

In this article, I will give out my honest review and tips on how to get google adsense approvalĀ  and if you follow all these steps, you will get approved by google immediately after application.

The Tips On How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast Include:

1. Pages and Categories

One of the tips on how to get google adsense approval is to set your pages and categories right. Google will never accept sites that are under construction, that is, you don’t have the required pages that coincides with their policy. To get approved, you need to add “Contact Us, Privacy Policy, About Us and Terms and Condition” Pages to your other existing pages and categories depending on your niche. So, this is one of the google adsense approval tips you should consider.

2. How To Get Google Adsense Approval With Just Few Articles/Contents

Google consider contents that are over 600 words above. Before, google were accepting educative contents of 100 words above but as at now, I am not sure. So, try to write contents that are at least, 300-600 words. Try to write up to 20 posts as this will help as google may tag your site to have minimum required number of contents. It is possible to have less than 20 articles and be accepted into google ads publisher network depending on your expertise with writing contents that meets google algorithm.

3. Copyright/Plagiarism

Google frowns at plagiarism, so, if you want to get approved by adsense, you need to write original contents or articles without coyping directing from other people’s work though you can give them a backlink or cite them in the article. The images to be used along side the content should be self created images or perhaps you can get images from google that are not under copyright claims. Click this link to learn how. Don’t forget, write original contents of over 300-700 words and there should be educative.

4. Number of Posts Per Category

Number of posts multi niche blogger
If you are a multi niche blogger, you need to have nothing less than 3 posts under each category before you apply for adsense.
Number of posts single niche blogger
If you are a single niche blogger, before you apply for adsense, you need to have atleast nothing less than 10 posts.

5. AI Contents

Never use AI written contents to apply for adsense; if you have such contents, you can trash them and apply for adsense and probably untrash them after approval. Some AI writers are good though if you have the resources to buy such AI writers but free AI writers should be avoided.

6. How Much Traffic Required For Adsense Approval

There are not specific number of traffic required for adsense approval but, in all your getting, please try and get traffic to your website either grom Facebook, Nairaland, Quora, Reddit, etc. One thing you should never overlook is organic traffic, so, work on your SEO and get organic traffic before applying. Organic traffic is necessary because, if you depend solely on WhatsApp or Facebook as your source of traffic, Google might take it that you’re are telling your friends to click your links in order to get traffic, that’s why you need to get organic traffic no matter what.

7. How To Get Google Adsense Approval Without A Website

It is never possible to get google adsense approval without a website or a blog. Google accepts sites so as to be able to display adverts paid by her clients to potential customers. So, it is impossible for google to approve what is not there.

NOTE: Backlinks are not necessarily one of the criteria to be accepted into google ads publisher network and try to avoid any post that has to do with nudity, voilence or war of any sort. So, these are my honest tips on how to get google adsense approval as this is what I did before I was approved.

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