How To Make Money Online For Beginners In 2022

how to make money online for beginners

How to make money online for beginners is one of greatest trend in 21st century and probably one of the most searched keyword in almost all search engines from people in different parts of the world.

how to make money online for beginners

Everyone especially beginners wants to make money from the comfort of their homes while working online and probably earning a living from it. Working online ranges from doing online tasks to probably getting jobs depending on your area of specialty. So, any work you get or do online is already tagged an online work.

The first criteria that you will consider a before working online as a beginner is to get prior knowledge of whatever aspect or niche of online job you want to venture into because, without prior knowledge, you will actually venture into the wrong online job. If you really want to learn how to make money online for beginners, you need to develop yourself digital-wise or online-wise.

There are so many ways to learn how to make money online without paying anything and in this article, I am going to show you how to make money online for beginners in 2022 from the comfort of your home.

The following are the different ways on how to make money online for beginners:

Content Writing

You can make money online from the comfort of your home by being a content writer. You can start up a blog or a website and write out educative contents and you can make money from people visiting your blog especially when it is monetized. You can also make money when you sell your written contents as Ebook. You can also be a freelancer and you can get people to give you jobs to carryout depending on your expertize.


You can make learn how to make money online fast by becoming an advertiser and you can make lots of money from that. As a content writer with huge audience visiting your site or blog, you can advertise for companies and interested individuals and you can make money online doing that. This is also done in social media influencing and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer or a social media influencer with huge online presence or fan base, you can make money online by promoting businesses or running adverts as stated above. You can also help grow social handles of companies and individuals and that can fetch you money online. You can also run an online blog either on Instagram or twitter without opening a blog or website. Examples of such successful blogs are Instablognaija and Tundeednut. These guys have made lots of money online by just sharing contents on Instagram and Twitter and their fan base grew and now the rest is story.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the trending aspect of “how to make money online for beginners”. Am I am pretty sure most of you have across people selling ebooks and courses online about affiliate marketing. Trust me, it goes beyond that and I have an article about how to make money online with affiliate marketing CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


Another way to make money online is to carry out survey for survey offering companies. One of my best paying survey site or company ever is The pay the most from my research and you can receive up to $300 for just a single survey and a minimum of $5. This survey is restricted to some countries though people still access it using VPN but it is open to people form the US. There are other survey sites but this is my best and most preferred.

Online Contest

Another way to earn money online is via online contest. People in the fashion industry and modeling industry make money a lot with this strategy by organizing pageantry that’s hosted online and people get to vote with money. This is only an instance and you can host different online contest that will fetch you money.

Web Developing/Programming

You can make huge money online by becoming a front end developer or a back end developer or a with any kind of programming skills, you are sure to make money online.



Blockchain and digital currencies are one of the most emerging trend and a knowledge in this field can make you financial free for life. To make this simple, you can just choose coins or tokens with low market capitalization and invest in them and in the long run, you will profit massively. I have articles on the “Crypto” category of thise blog to help you with some knowledge about cryptocurrencies.

So these are some of my proven ways on how to make money online for beginners. Its not a day’s journey as consistency and persistency is needed to be successfully with online work.

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