How To Swap On Poocoin – Full Guide

As a trader, knowing how to swap on poocoin is one of the basic things you need to have at your finger tips in other to maximize the profits of trading on decentralized exchange, DEX.

What Is Poocoin?

Poocoin is one of the major decentralized exchanges built and deployed on the binance smartchain network that is used to trade/swap (buy and sell) shitcoins, meme tokens… Its majorly used to swap or trade tokens that are newly launched or already trading on the DEX or for few tokens that are launched on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) like Binance, Kucoin, Houbi, e.t.c.

How To Swap On Poocoin

These are the steps on how to swap on poocoin

  • Head over to your trust wallet and navigate to the DApps page.
  • how to swap on poocoin
  • Click on the search button and type and load it.
  • After loading, the Poocoin homepage will be displayed.
  • If this is your first time, you will need to connect your wallet.
  • To connect your wallet, change the Ethereum Network Logo at the top right corner to Smartchain.
  • how to swap on poocoin
  • A notification will pop up asking you to allow Poocoin to connect with your wallet, that you should proceed if you trust the app.
  • Click on connect and your wallet is successfully connected to poocoin.
  • On the homepage of poocoin, you will see “Trade”.
  • On the display screen will be two options to select two currencies.

NOTE: One is the currency you want to use to buy and its always appearing 1st/ the 1st currency option. This can be BNB or USDT which are the most used.

  • Click on the second option to select the currency you want to swap your BNB or USDT for.
  • Search for the name and load it.

NB: If the coin or token is a newly launched coin or token, the name will not appear because of low trading volume. To be able to swap, you will need to copy the contract address from and paste it in the search option and load it manually.

  • After searching the currency name or using the contract address, click on it.
  • Input the amount of BNB or USDT you want to use in swapping.
  • Proceed and click on Swap.
  • Approve smartcontract call and pay gas fee (some might be free).
  • Boom! You have successfully swapped on poocoin.

Advantages Of Poocoin Over Pancakeswap

  • Poocoin is easy to navigate.
  • It loads faster than pancakeswap.
  • It has Automatic Slippage Settings. This automatically detects the slippage of the coin to be bought or sold (when converting back to USDt or BNB or any other coin). Automatic slippage is not available on pancakeswap but have to be set manually for the trade to be initiated.
  • Coins not yet listed on pancakeswap can be traded on poocoin.

With this, you have been equipped with the knowledge on how to swap on poocoin.

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