Microsoft To Establish $100million Project In Nigeria

Microsoft was founded and established on the 4th of April 1975 and its one of the most successful American technology company that has ever existed. It specializes in developing softwares, computers and electronics.


Microsoft has announced that it will be establishing a $100million dollar project in Nigeria. This is the 1st of its nature on the African soil. The goal is the open its first ever African Development Center where genuis within Africa can come together and provide solutions to software and engineering problems alongside Kenya.

The iconic structure for this project is situated in Ikoyi, Lagos along Kingsway road. Google Nigerian office is also situated here. For those familiar with Lagos, this won’t pose a problem to locate.

This is a huge development in Nigeria at large as this will aid the recreation of Silicon Valley in Nigeria and curtail the rate of fraudulent acts within Nigeria and Africa at large.

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