What Is CPC And How To Increase It

What Is CPC and How To Increase It

One of the major factor that determines the revenue you get from becoming a publisher to an of the existing ads network is CPC and in this article, I have discussed what is CPC and how to increase it.

What Is CPC And How To Increase It

Cost per click, or C.P.C for short, is a phrase used in paid advertising in which an advertiser will pay a cost to a publisher for each click that is made on an advertisement. Pay-per-click, or C.P.C, is another name for this model (PPC).

When calculating the expenses of displaying advertisements to people on search engines, the Google Display Network for AdWords, social media platforms, and other publishers, C.P.C is the metric that is employed. When deciding on the best bidding methods and conversion bidding types to optimize clicks in relation to budget size and target keywords, the cost-per-click (C.P.C) plays a crucial role.

How Is Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Calculated

CPC can be calculated by dividing the total cost incurred by an advertiser by the total number of clicks on their ad. If an advertiser spent $100 on a campaign that resulted in 50 clicks, for instance, the cost per click (CPC) would be $3.57 (100 divided by 50 equals 2).

How To Increase Cost Per Click (CPC)

1.      Create More Relevant Content

If you want to see a rise in the amount of cash you earn through Google AdSense, the very first thing you need to do is produce more content. When it comes to Google AdSense, producing additional content might be of great benefit to you.

2.      Choose a Profitable Niche

Pick up a profitable niche for your website. Because the cost per click (CPC) for keywords associated with internet marketing, web development, finance, gaming, and health, amongst other related niches, is rather high, these niches, amongst others, pays well.

It doesn’t matter how much money you want to make from Google AdSense; one thing you must do is select a niche that will either remain relevant throughout time or provide you with a reliable source of income for a significant amount of time. Choosing your niche is one of the most important factors that can influence how much revenue your Google AdSense ads bring in on a monthly basis.

3.      Keyword Research

Make a list of all of the potentially lucrative keyword ideas in your niche, and then start incorporating them into the material that you produce for your blogs. Conducting research on relevant keywords is essential to boosting AdSense CPC.

If you are seeking tools and best practices that will allow you to achieve high CPC for your blog, below are a few ideas for you regarding keyword research:


  • Investigate the keywords that are producing the most success for your competitors. Finding out all of the keywords that are being used by the highest-earning blogs in your niche is one of the simplest ways you can enhance the click-through rate (C.T.R) of your AdSense ads. You can accomplish this goal by utilizing tools like Semrush. It can be of great assistance in locating all of the most effective keywords associated with any particular niche.
  • Find the long tail keywords at all times. They are less difficult to rank, and they provide a lot of search traffic to the blogs that you own. Utilizing long-tail keywords enables the creation of a large amount of material. Long Tail Pro is a tool that I strongly recommend you test out if you are interested in learning how to raise the cost-per-click (CPC) of your AdSense ads using long-tail keywords.
  • Be sure to locate and utilize the keywords that receive between 1,000 and 2,000 global searches per month. The use of keywords with a low level of competition can be of great assistance in raising CPC.
  • Always strive to produce material that is keyword-rich. Before you add any new content to your blogs, you should make sure to conduct research on relevant keywords. Do not begin developing material for your blogs until you have identified both the primary and secondary keywords that will be used. You may easily increase the amount of search traffic coming to your blog this way, in addition to the AdSense CPC and CTR.

4.      Creating A Compelling Landing Page

When a visitor arrives at your website for the very first time, the design components of your website will be the very first thing that catches his attention. People will quickly exit your site, if the design of your website is cluttered and appears to be spam. Because of this, you should avoid creating designs that are cluttered in an effort to boost the number of sales generated by your advertisements because doing so can reduce conversion rates. On your landing pages, you shouldn’t make any false promises, and you should always endeavor to deliver what you’ve promised on your headlines or in the description of the ads. Your Google AdSense campaigns will yield higher CPC rates if you choose to proceed in this manner.

Here are a few pointers and suggestions that can help you improve the CTR and CPC of your AdSense landing pages:

5.      Proper On-Page S.E.O

Your AdSense CPC and CTR can be increased primarily through on-page SEO and effective SEO optimization. To help your content rank well in Google search results, include your targeted keywords in the title tags, subheadings, URL, image alt tags, links, and throughout the body of your content.

However, watch out for keyword stuffing. Repeatedly using the same keywords could make Google crawlers believe your material is spam, which would hurt your ranks. Use relevant keywords instead of filling your content with them to improve your search engine rankings. You may increase Adsense CPC and CTR by paying attention to the ideas above.

Target Country

One of the most significant aspects that can have an effect on CPC is the country in which one is targeting. To give you an example, a click on an advertisement in the United States can earn you up to $2 or $3, yet a click on the same advertisement in India may only earn you $20 or $30 cents. As a result, you should always cater both the tone and the substance of your blog to readers in nations where English is the primary language.

If you can follow this tips, you are guaranteed to increase your CPC and earn higher with your blog or becoming a publisher for your favourite ads network. To know more about this topic: what is CPC and how to increase it, you can check out our page on Nairaland.

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